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Vivarium‘s cuisine absorbs the freshness of  Ionian Sea, travels to  Far East, carry off the charm of its fragrances and returns to root in the Mediterranean.



  • Quinoa salad marinated in beetroot purree with fresh coriander , spring onions,  sweet red peppers and prosciutto chips   10,80€
  • Salad with smoked salmon trout,  baby rocket leaves, rice vinegar dressing, spring onions, radish, wakame  and grated oil cruller from Lefkada  11,80€
  • Mixed green salad with peach dressing, sweet red peppers,  hazelnuts, orange and cucumber snow   8,20€
  • Greek salad with  tomato, cucumber , caper, olives, onion , feta cheese and carob rusks   7,50€


  • Mussels smoked in oak  wood with split pea, caper, pasta of olives  and salami of  Lefkas  8,30€
  • Grilled squid with black tarama cream, wakame leaves and grated avgotaraho (botargo)  12,80€
  • Zucchini balls dumplings and cream flavored with taragon and lime  8,30€
  • Bao buns with gyros from iberico pork ,  black garlic tzatziki  and chili  10,20€
  • Smoked eel fillet with eggplant spread and  tahini   14,80€
  • Sea bass carpaccio with tomato trilogy and poppy seed  dressing  12,00€
  • Fish pastirma  with Peruvian potato salad   9,20€
  • Scallops cooked with buffalo butter garnished with lemon dust and peas puree  14,00€
  • Cheese donuts with  rosechutney   7,20€
  • Iberico pork fennel sausage and dijon praline   8,80€


  • Strozzapreti with gabari (shrimps), cherry tomatoes and fresh cream flavored with wine and lime  16,80€
  • Tagliatelle with cuttlefish ink, clams , mussels , cockles, cherry tomatoes and chili oil   16,00€
  • Truffle and  “anthotyro” cheese mousse ravioli with fresh cream, herbs and parmesan   14,00€
  • Crawfish pastitsada   17,00€
  • Beetroot risotto with porcini mushrooms, truffle oil and Greek “ksinotyri” cheese   12,00€


  • Duck breast with bulgur , celeriac pickle and  “Mavrodafni” wine sauce   18,50€
  • Grilled chicken leg with carrot puree, onion chips and demi glace sauce  12,80€
  • Iberian burger  with chorizo in brioche bun , iceberg ,tomato , cheese, truffle mayonnaise and potato straw with fried egg   13,60€
  • Black Ιberian Pork chop with baby potatoes sauteed with rosemary and thyme   15,00€
  • Rib-eye seasoned in pepper mix with buffalo butter kaimaki, baby potatoes and mushrooms   21,00€
  • Wet aged strip loin steak  in smoked paprika dust, with mashed Peruvian potatoes   17,00€


  • Chocolate tart with digestive wholegrain flour biscuits , butter caramel, sour cherry preserve and Madagascar vanilla ice-cream scoop  7,70€
  • Arborio rice pudding garnished with pasteli leaves   6,80€
  • Τiramisu with cream from “Mavrodafni” wine and smashed  savagiar biscuits   6,60€


Signature Dishes