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  • Smooth and creamy  carrot soup with ginger and yoghurt – 5,00€


  • Greek salad with marinated tomato in vinaigrette of grilled onion, green pepper, olives of Mani (Peloponnese), caper with its stalk, feta cheese mousse flavored  by spearmint and oil-cruller of Lefkas  – 8,20€
  • Vivarium salad with slices of  salmon marinated in tsipouro, mussels, scallops and sweetsour lime sauce – 13,50€
  • Nest of graviera cheese with rocket, fresh spinach leaves, cherry tomatoes, caramelized walnuts, grape and vinaigrette of balsamic vinegar  – 9,80€
  • Grated avgotaraho (botagro), rocket, cherry tomatoes, colorfull lettuce  and homemade jam  plum – sour apple – cinnamon – 10,80€
  • Green salad with fresh tuna, black sesame, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and vinaigrette of soy – 11,80€


  • Smoked eggplant with feta cheese, fresh tomato, confit of garlic in olive oil from our olive groves in Mani (Peloponnese)  – 8,80€
  • Donuts filled with feta cheese, soft white unsalted cheese, graviera,  in cornmeal and rose chutney – 8,50€
  • Sausage of Lefkas with split peas from lathyrus of  Karya, roasted cherry tomatoes and yoghurt sauce – 9,80€
  • Grilled scallops in wild truffle butter  with lemon dust, mashed  lentil and caper – 13,80€
  • Octopus of Ionian sea in rosemary with mashed  eggplant spread – 12,80€
  • Seafood τrilogy  (sardine with cream of lentil, anchovy with  split peas of lathyrus, octopus with mashed eggplant) – 11,80€
  • Fried peeled crawfish  with beetroot sauce and salad with cucumber and lime – 14,00€
  • Steamed mussels with thyme, white wine and lemon – 11,00€
  • Grilled “talagani” cheese with homemade tomato jam and greek pita bread – 9,20€


  • Braised beef with porcini mushrooms, mashed peas and chips of leek – 14,80€
  • Risotto with gabari (shrimps), saffron, flavored with gremolata of parsley – 17,20€
  • Kritharoto with seafood (mussels, clams, cockles) with flavor from bisque of shrimp and fresh basil – 14,70€
  • Pork chop french cutting, roasted in   herd crust with cream cheese of black truffle and mashed potatoes – 14,80€
  • Grilled chicken fillet with salt of smoke paprika, citrus sauce and flavored rice basmati – 12,80€
  • Grilled meat balls,  served  in greek pita bread with yoghurt  sauce, tomato and onion marinaded in sumac – 11.80€
  • Beef steak, Black Angus/strip loin, long maturing, boneless, roasted in salt crust with baby potatoes and pepper sauce – 27,00€
  • Grilled lobster with tamarisks and vinaigrette of lime – 55,00€ / kg
  • Spaghetti with crawfish, tomato sauce, fresh basil, black garlic and rum – 15,60€
  • Pappardelle with ragout of fresh mushrooms flavored with thyme and  wild truffle butter – 10,40€
  • Linguine with avgotaraho (botargo), lemon and parsley – 17,40€


  • Milk-pie with flavor of fresh vanilla, caramel of black sugar and rose ice cream – 6,90€
  • Spring rolls with seasonal fruit, fresh cream of  cheese and strawberry sauce – 6,20€
  • Milfei with diples (honey rolls) of Mani (Peloponnese), yoghurt mousse and sour cherry preserve – 7,20€
  • Bitter chocolate mousse with filo for pastry and caramelized hazelnuts – 6,40€

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